Why us? 


We listen to what you need in order to understand exactly how best we can work together in partnership. Whatever the level of service you select, we have common goal - to find the right individual for your organisation. 


Our Benefits


Value and Convenience:

♦ Our rates are competitive and we are flexible in how we work

♦ We are available 24hrs at no extra cost to you

♦ Fully vetted and interviewed candidates


Repeat business: 

♦ Our consultants come from various recruitment backgrounds      with hands-on operational experience, passion and enthusiasm for the  sectors we cover.

♦ We don't just understand your business, we live it - and our counsel is  intelligent, informed and well-founded. 

♦ Over 90% of our income is generated from repeat business. Our clients  know they can rely on our services time and time again.  


We care more: 

♦ We take great pride in our work and we don't stop until we've delivered    the best result possible.




Yvonne Lewis Group are very thorough in their approach; they like to fully understand the business and the role before going out into the market and finding the right candidate.


Paulette Christie

Home Manager

St Christopher's Fellowship