Time Management

In today’s workplace, a good employee is expected to be able to shuffle different assignments and projects at once. Are you good at tracking the progress of different projects you’ve been handed to work on? Do you know how to prioritize what’s most important? These are the keys to being a good multi-tasker.


Don’t be afraid to take on new tasks. Show off your multitasking skills by taking on projects that fall all over the spectrum. Branch out beyond your direct responsibilities, and be sure to report on the progress of projects regularly.



  • Understand what time management means and identify your own personal time management style

  • Develop the mental discipline that allows you to focus on what needs to be done

  • Manage interruptions and expectations without damaging relationships

  • Discover what time management tools and techniques work



  • Definition of time management

  • Behavioural aspects of time management

  • The problems in workplace time management and how to resolve them

  • How to plan and prioritise your tasks in line with the achievement criteria

  • Develop strategies for delegating work within the team and creating a team environment