How Healthy Is Our Office?

BE AFRAID… be very afraid. A frightening phenomenon is gripping our office today. People’s waistlines are under attack from sneaky snacks.

So we reached out to our team and asked them one question:

What snack do you keep in your desk office drawer?

Here’s a quick summary of the top 5 office snacks (as voted on by our team!):

  1. Candy (6 votes)

  2. Chocolate (3 votes)

  3. Cookies (2 votes)

  4. Fruit (3 votes)

  5. Cake (8 votes)

Sitting at your desk all day can be challenging, especially when 3 pm rolls around and you need a little something to eat. Our first inclination is to head to the fridge and dig through the remnants of the last office celebration, but cookies, candy and cake are not the sustenance you need to get through to the end of the day.

Below you’ll find tips for healthy office snacking that are not only good for you but will also keep you awake and active well past 6 p.m.

Tips for healthy office snacking: