Brexit Decision high on employers’ minds. ‘Business as usual’ for Yvonne Lewis Group despite uncerta

These are uncertain times for employers, and Yvonne Lewis Group is no exception. The possibility of a shortage of skilled workers isn't making the forecast any brighter for the UK recruitment industry. However, there's a silver lining to this continental cloud - and Yvonne Lewis could be in the best position to weather the storm.


It’s a game of two halves; will Brexit see EU residents sent off – and homegrown talent flourish?

THE quest for 'facts' has been at the centre of the Brexit debate for months but here's the thing we have to grasp - there are NO set facts about the future. And this applies to the social care sector. EU migrants fill an estimated 6% of jobs in this sector in England. ‘This amounts to around 80,000 people’ (Community Care, UK) including 10% of support workers at Yvonne Lewis.

Will leaving the European Union starve the health service of funding and lead to a mass exodus of staff? The REC (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation) has called on the government to provide as much clarity as possible on the implications for Europhiles. Our view - sticking to the football theme - is that in economic terms Brexit would be like playing England without Wayne Rooney.

Currently, EU residents have ‘free movement’ throughout the EU for work without visas and residency permits.

Almost all UK employment law, including health and safety law and the legal right to paid holidays and maternity leave, are protected by us being in the EU. Now that we are out would this mean a scrap on those rights? Let’s not panic just yet! While there is no guarantee as to what changes regarding workers’ rights could be made as result of Brexit, it’s would be unfair to assume that any of these laws would be at risk.

Lewis, Yvonne Lewis Recruitment Partner, believes that the current freedom of movement within the EU brings many benefits – now, there will be more focus on the success of home-grown talent.

We can try to predict the score based on probabilities and the current situation but no-one can guarantee the result.

If you want to bet on France to score the winner in the final of Euro 2016. That is a gamble you can afford to lose, Brexit isn’t.

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