Customer Service

This is one of the most challenging soft skills, which is why it’s typically one of the most impressive to employers. Your ability to handle criticism says a lot about your willingness to improve. And being able to criticize the work of others constructively is just as important.


Be aware of how defensive you get in reaction to negative feedback. Never reject a piece of constructive criticism completely without acknowledging that at least part of it is helpful. And when you dish out criticism, make sure it’s done diplomatically. Try to anticipate how the person you’re criticizing will react based on his personality, and shape the way you critize him accordingly.


In today’s global economy where the competition is often just a “click” away, as such no one can take customer loyalty for granted. As the physical distance separating you from your customers grows, it is even more important to find ways to strengthen relationships with them. Learn how to make your customers feel valued in every interaction with your organisation, whether those customers are just down the street or halfway around the world.



  • Embed a customer service strategy and mindset in your organisation

  • Use person-to-person and electronic means to stay in touch with customers

  • Improve service using tools such as surveys and customer feedback



  • Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage

  • Customer Connections

  • Foundation of Professionalism

  • Professional Phone Skills

  • Sales and Service

  • Solving Problems with Your Customers