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Bycicle Mechanic

£16,000 - £16,536.00 P/A


03/03/2017 (17:00)

Whether it be for the weekday commute or weekend pursuits, our customers have very different preferences. What they all have in common is a genuine excitement when they’re presented with the bike that you’ve built, repaired or serviced. You are looked upon not just as a representative of Evans Cycles, but an expert in ensuring optimum bike performance.


Your role is to ensure that you deliver this through sharing your passion, contributing to a quality customer experience & doing what’s right. We’re a growing company, but we operate like a local, independent bike shop & it’s your responsibility to promote this mentality through offering great service & exceeding our customers’ expectations every single day. Your role doesn’t just stop there. In your heightened position of trust & skill you also have a commitment to the Bike Builders you work with to train them to be the best they can be & doing so in a way that makes coming to work every day a challenging & enjoyable experience. We hope you enjoy the ride.




Ensure bikes leave your workshop ready for optimum performance:


Review workshop diary, in particular the amount of bike builds & delegate tasks to the team. Prioritise time dependant tasks & any that are overdue.


Assemble & set up bikes correctly with frame protectors, the correct torque settings, stickers, bell & reflectors, all within the set time frame & with accompanying paperwork completed.


Fit accessories such as locks or lights as required.


Conduct servicing, repairs or prepare bike for transfer to our central workshop (LCW) for completion if applicable.


Have knowledge of & comply with British standards.


Ensure the status of all jobs are kept updated on the system (NAV). Oversee Bike Builder jobs & sign off bike builds & other tasks carried out by shop floor staff for safety & quality control


Offer great customer service & demonstrate exceptional technical knowledge:


Balance customer interactions & unplanned tasks (such as walk-in repairs) with your booked in workload.


Ensure pre delivery inspections (PDI) are carried our effectively.


Ensure customers are aware of our Bronze, Silver & Gold services & book them in as required. Engage with customers in person & over the phone, using easy to understand lingo to explain why their bike needs repair & what you need to do to fix it. Update customers if their bike is taking longer to fix than anticipated, if it is particularly complex or will cost more than originally quoted & inform them when it is ready to collect.


Assess & process warranty claims.


Deal with mechanical & technical queries from customers & colleagues alike.


Contribute to a quality customer experience:


Contribute to the store opening procedures, ensuring that each workstation & team member is ready & raring to go!


Ensure that you & your team look presentable, wear the correct uniform, tools at the ready & badge visible. Ensure that the shop floor stock is continually replenished through the number of bike builds produced. Dispose of all packaging responsibly, recycling where possible.


Order parts from suppliers (for those special orders) & ensure all consumable parts are requested. Keep the shop floor, workshop & back of house clean & tidy through tasks such as; keep your workbench tidy, sweeping the floor, dusting, cleaning the toilet & washing dishes.


Keep an eye on the level of banter & ensure the volume of the workshop radio is low.


Contribute to the store closing procedures, ensuring that you leave the store at the end of each day ‘ready to trade’.


Have knowledge of & adhere to health & safety regulations that concern yourself, your team, customers & visitors to the store such as:


Customer safety comes first & that of everyone else for that matter. Encourage the team to double check with a colleague or yourself if they’re unsure whether they’ve carried out something correctly. Follow manual handling & personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures where relevant.


Understand the correct process to follow in the event of a fire. Alert your Manager or Estates to damaged fixtures, fittings & other


maintenance concerns.


Contribute to the security & management of stock:


Oversee deliveries & ensure boxed bikes are stored correctly. Ensure bikes are always displayed by carrying out BAD report related




Prevent theft through being aware of what’s happening in store.


Educate the team & comply when asked with our regular & frequent bag & locker checks.


Contribute to administration tasks & data analysis to ensure high store performance: Check & respond to emails. Contribute to the workshop diary & check NAV for outstanding work & the job list. Monitor progress throughout the day. Organise tasks into the management system. Complete the daily labour & bike builds target board & ensure the team know what is expected of them. Review the store dashboard. Complete the productivity & workshop reporting & have an understanding of the comprehensive workshop report, completing if required.


Know what’s going on not just in your store, but also the wider business: Attend store briefings & at times conduct workshop meetings encouraging the team to read communication / newsletters displayed on the noticeboards. Lead the workshop team in the absence of the Workshop Manager, delegating tasks as appropriate & making sure they’re working well with each

other. Make sure handover notes are completed at the end of each shift. Know who to contact at Gatwick & how to get hold of suppliers for when you need assistance. Support with Bike Builder training & cascade info on new products & brand updates back to the team. Support with shop floor related tasks if required, ensuring the workshop’s workload is not impacted. Participate in the Mechanic course, accompanying workbook & attend weekly meetings with your Manager to discuss your progress. This should be completed within your first 12 weeks in the role (barring extenuating circumstances of course). Attend company events & in-house training sessions to support with your ongoing learning & development.


A willingness to accept additional responsibilities. From time to time, you’ll be asked to carry out a duty that isn’t listed above. If this arises it’s because someone needs support or you have the skills to take on an additional task.




You & your team have a collective responsibility to achieve the store’s goals. You’re all in it together! Some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the workshop are; 1) Daily labour targets 2) quality control & 3) customer feedback. Individual performance is observational & feedback will be given by your Manager.




A great level of technical bike building knowledge & an understanding of how to gain further information as required.


A good understanding of mechanical principles such as torque settings / materials.


An understanding of all customer related policies, especially warranties. Have completed the Mechanic course within the first 3 months of your role.


An interest in cycling & an enthusiasm about the products we sell. Fantastic organisation skills with the ability to prioritise important & time dependant tasks.


Acute safety awareness of the use of machinery & tools by you as well as the shop floor & bike building teams.


Able to identify issues with faulty bikes & problem solve.


Patient & helpful towards customers & colleagues who will always have lots of questions.


Great communication & listening skills, able to talk to people without the use of jargon or highly technical speak.


Able to build relationships with store management, Gatwick & 3rd parties such as representatives & mechanics from other brands.


Good influencing skills, able to push back when asked for shop floor support if you think this will affect the workshop’s workload considerably.


Confident to conduct your role in front of an audience, resolving on the spot issues with the customer present.


Good decision making ability, able to use initiative to determine when you or your Manager should make a decision.


Great precision & attention to detail.




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