Keywe’s story

Keywe attended the ‘Supported Housing Training’ course in April 2017 at Yvonne Lewis with no prior knowledge of the Supported Housing sector.

Yvonne Lewis placed her with one of their clients’ after the four-day course. She started working with the Salvation Army and has found new skills actively assisting some of the most vulnerable people in the community.There has been some challenges; however Keywe receives support from her co-workers and her first few months at the Salvation Army have been a success.

As a result she was quickly promoted to a managerial position. Keywe says: “I am grateful for the training I received with Yvonne Lewis as it has offered me a great opportunity”. Keywe has used the 'Supported Housing Training' Certificate issued by Yvonne Lewis as a stepping stone to go into nursing. She is now a fully qualified nurse and still working within the Supported Housing Sector.